BlackBerry Developer Conference - Subjective Notes - Note One

From the few sessions it was clear that RIM as a whole is still not getting it - the consumer market for smart phones has long surpassed the enterprise market. They are still trying to cater to weird enterprise scenarios and impress developers with these capabilities. RIM has to wake up and realize that the number of developers caring about enterprise features declines exponentially.
Same as with the networking which is a pure hell because there are at least 7 different ways to establish a network connection, they are trying to cater to different scenarios and have all these different ways of doing pretty much the same thing in 5 ways. Seriously - WHY??? Just give us one but RELIABLE way of doing something. Don't you get it that we - the developers don't want to implement something in more than one way and then debug it forever or yet, to have to implement something in 3 ways because you are not sure (and don't really have a good way of telling) which way will work for every specific user. You have to start repeating this every day as your daily mantra - the simpler it is, the less it breaks. This is a universal engineering fact. Would you please already get this? When you do it will make the life of developers so much easier.