BlackBerry Eclipse Plugin 1.1 Will Fix Some of the Annoying Problems

The next version of the BlackBerry Eclipse plugin will fix most of the [intlink id="75" type="post"]annoying things about blackberry development[/intlink].

Some of the most important things are:

1) No need to restart emulator for new build to be loaded to the emulator (Hallelujah!!!)

The new build should be just loaded onto the already started simulator, pretty much as on Android and iPhone.

2) Ability to add external libraries i.e. *.jar files to the project

This is actually pretty peculiar since RIM was pushing hard 3-d party (external library) integration as one of important concepts and obviously it would be very beneficial for the BlackBerry ecosystem but if you did not want to use JDE, there was pretty much no clean way to add external library. That is until the 1.1 plugin comes out from beta, or at least that what was promised at the [intlink id="167" type="post"]New England BlackBerry developers meetup[/intlink].

3) The BlackBerry plugin would follow the "Eclipse way"

The 1.1 plugin is very different from previous version. Instead of following the "JDE way" it will be much more the natural "Eclipse way". This is both good and bad. This is very good for developers that have experience with Eclipse and just now start to develop for BlackBerry. This will however be somewhat painful for the seasoned developers who got used to the old plugin and will need to discover many things from scratch. (I personally felt quite lost with the new 1.1 plugin and decided to stick with the old one until 1.1 comes out of beta).

You can download the beta of 1.1 from here (you would need to have BlackBerry developer account which is free and can be obtained with simple sign up immediately)