Shell Script to Format all Files in a Folder using clang-format

This is a snippet I use to format all the files (recursively from the current folder) for iOS projects

function clang-format-ios {
    echo "\Clang-Format all files in current dir except ones in */libs/* folder and names containing *.framework.*\n\n"
    find . -name "*.[hm]" ! -path "*/libs/*" ! -path "*.framework*" ! -path "*/Pods/*" -print0 | xargs -0 clang-format -i
    echo "\nDONE\n"

this assumes you

  1. have clang-format installed
  2. use zsh environment (e.g. ohmyzsh)

it is easy to install clang-format on OS X via homebrew with

brew install clang-format



NOTE: this is the same script I have used in the past with uncrustify but I have decided to switch to clang.