Evernote Account Limits in Perspective

Evernote seems to be great tool for note taking and keeping pretty much everything you want organized. I used to use a wiki but recently I decided to give Evernote a second or third or fourth try. I am not sure what the number here is but this is the first time it actually clicked with me and I think I am actually going to use it instead of my wiki and switch to it completely. They just didn't have the the ecosystem in place when I tried it the first X times. Now they cover almost every platform and the support on the desktop is just great!

There are some limitations for every account be it a free account or premium or even business account. When I first thought about the limitations I thought - that sucks... But then I thought - hey, let's put this in perspective and see how "real" these limitations are.

So the limits are:

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 Number of notes  100,000 If you crete X notes daily and never delete single note then:</p>
  • If you create 30 notes a day (every day)– it will take you a little over 9 years to hit the quota.
  • If you create just 5 notes a day (every day)– it will take you roughly 55 years to hit the quota.
  • If you create 30 motes a day (every day except w-ends) - it will take you a little less than 13 years to hit the quota
  • If you create 5 motes a day (every day except w-ends) - it will take you roughly 80 years to hit the quota

So, after putting it into a bit of perspective – it doesn't look that bad, right :) Besides, even in 10 years I bet the computational power would jump to such a level that the limit would be raised to 1 million notes and then it would be impractical to hit the limit in a lifetime (of course we need to take into the account the fact</td> </tr>

Tags 100,000 There are many speculations but many linguistic experts agree that an average adult has a vocabulary size of 20,000 to 35,000 words. Including the most obscure ones that you can think of. So I would say you are pretty much safe here as you are going to run of any meaningful means of managing the tags before you run out of quota
Tags per note 100 That's a lot for every give post. And this limit is not even interesting that much.