Facebook Is Down - Funny Tweets Collection

Apparently today Facebook was down for 2 hours and for some even more... I did not pick up long time on this since I do not use Facebook, but just accidentally I wanted something and I tried to load it and boom I got:

Not sure whether this is a localized event I went to twitter to see if others had this problem and man I was in for some good laughs. Here's the collection of funniest tweets during the time that the Facebook was down:

Ant check out the Twitter trends. How "DNS Failure" sounds to you as a trend - huh?

UPDATE: Apparently it wasn't just my "original" idea to collect funny tweets, many other websites did so as well, what is interesting that there are about 20-30 different tweets overall which just keep repeating from site to site. Are we short of funny twitter-ers? People obviously do care. Maybe they are just afraid Facebook coming after them in revenge? (just kidding of course, or am I?). Let me know what you think in comments.