Free Windows Phone 7 for PDC10 Attendees

Today, at the annual PDC10 conference, Microsoft is showing love for its developers and promoting its coming Windows Phone 7 by giving all the attendees a free Windows Phone 7. This follows in the steps of similar giveaways by Google at Google/IO 2009 and Goole/IO 2010, Motorola and Adobe giveaway at Adobe Max 2010. With many companies following Google's example, Google so far is by far the leading company on these giveaways.

Microsoft is expected to spend more than 400 millions on the promotion of its Windows Phone 7 . Here's hoping that registered and published developers will get a free phone or at least discounted phones since as of now, it is quite hard to get your hands on a a phone and this is obviously crucial to testing the apps in real live scenarios, on real hardware.