How to Do a Remote Programming Interview With Code Review

I've just read a post at Coding Horror - Jeff Atwood's popular blog where he goes into the problem that many candidates applying for a programming job simply can not program. He claims that it's almost all of the applicants, which I find hard to believe. I tend to think that their resume evaluation techniques are just not good enough, which is surprising since Jeff is good friends with Joel Spolsky who had an interesting article about screening resumes.

Anyways, Jeff's article is not about that. It's about a little nifty tool that will allow you to see other person type. It's very simple you give your interviewee a link and open a link in your browser and can see everything the other person types with a couple seconds lag. This tool is definitely nice, but hell, why not just use google wave? It's easy, many technical people should already have it. If the programmer applying doesn't have it and doesn't have a good reason as to why this is so you should think twice about putting further time and effort in the interview process.