Problems Running BlackBerry Simulator (Fledge) on Windows 7 64 Bit

As I already wrote, [intlink id="75" type="post"]BlackBerry development is not a lot of fun[/intlink].  Not only you basically can not develop in Linux and OS X (although there are some workarounds, it makes the process even more painful than it already is). But you will also have problems with 64 bit operating systems. RIM is in a position that they do not officially support 64 bit systems.

The main problem with 64 bit Windows 7 for me was that I can not close the simulator (or actually the "fledge" application that runs the simulators). There are 2 possible solutions to this problem:

  1. Kill the task through task manager
  2. The simulator should close if you are in debug mode and you disconnect the debug session

There is also another inconvenience which is caused by your cautiously guarding Windows system. It will warn you every time that (Oh my!) fledge will change something on your computer. You know - the standard User Control Account message. To avoid that message always popping up, you will have to adjust your setting in User Control Account panel. Hit "Windows" then just type UCA, you will get it. Adjust it to the minimum and you'r good to go.