Successful People SHIP

I've seen this video by Seth Godin, who is without any doubt a great thinker and visioner. This presentation by Seth, besides being very informational and interesting is quite extraordinary as well. I can not remember when I've seen a better presentation lately. Great usage of visuals and associations!


The presentation made me think about people that are successful and people who are not. And this is absolutely true - successful people ship. I've known this for all this time, but this simple 3 words "slogan" so to say never formulated in my head. Intuitively I always felt this but after this presentation it just formed.

Borrowing analogy from Math, shipping is a required condition but not satisfactory, meaning that just shipping you will not necessarily make successful, but if you DO NOT ship you will most definitely NOT be successful.

Again, very inspiring presentation that may be an eye opener for some. Enjoy!