TextMate Go to Last Edit Plugin

I have recently started using TextMate. It's been some time I wanted to give it a try and understand why so many people rave about it but every time I needed to use it, I usually wanted to do something very simple and sometimes I just got overwhelmed by all the options and sometimes I just didn't want to invest а lot of time into figuring out how to "use" TextMate beyond the most basic stuff.

One of the options I missed and couldn't find an easy way to do was to go to the last edit. After some searching however I did find a plugin that does that. You can download the go to last edit plugin for TextMate plugin and once you install it, you will have the "go to last edit" awesomeness in your TextMate. Use the⌥⌘J combination to activate the plugin. It uses the "undo/redo" mechanism but this particular plugin solves some problems that some other apple scripts or other solutions that use undo/redo technique had.

Enjoy this plugin and enjoy TextMate, although I actually like my MacVim better for most of the stuff I wanted to use TextMate for :). And actually I find Netbeans to be very good for JS, I started using TextMate for JS, but now I almost exclusively use Netbeans. Share your thoughts, opinions and experience  with TextMate plugins and with Mac editors in general in the comments.