There Was a Problem Generating the Feed Story From the Provided Data - Facebook gives headache to developers once again

Today I noticed that users of the Android app started experiencing problem with posting to Facebook, getting the following error:

There was a problem generating the Feed story from the provided data

There have already been a few threads on StackOverflow like this one for iOS and this one for Android.

It definitely like a problem Facebook created (once again – sigh)... I will try to update this entry with a resolution once there is one. Hopefully though Facebook developers will just fix this bug on their end as there are a lot of developers (including myself) who had their code working for months with no problems until today.

You can see the status of the bug and add yourself to the list here. Although the bug is open just for iOS, once fixed for iOS, it should be also fixed for Android.

If you happen to know how to fix this, please leave your response in the comments and I will update this entry so that others can fix this problem for their users in the meantime.

UPD: 6:45 EST - it seems that the problem has been resolved! Yey! Hopefully some users will realize that we (the developers) are not the ones to blame (most of the time) that Facebook integration suddenly stopped working. Hopefully the ones that realize this will stop giving bad ratings on App Store and Android Market because of that.