Why I Hate Facebook Engineers

I hate facebook Engineers. Yes, you heard me right. I hate them. Well, maybe not them but their hairy pointy managers and bosses who... wait a second, isn't facebook "famous" for being all staffed with engineers? So yes, I hate facebook Engineers

Now you will say but why, they are mostly smart guys and facebook is so spectafackamazing. WHY?!?... Well, for one their mobile SDK suck. Full of bugs, crashes and other pleasantries. I did at least 5 updates solely because there was some problem with Facebook and the most interesting part of that is that the updates were required after some change that was made that broke things. The integration is working 100% for 4 month and then one day goes KABOOM.

They are all warm and fuzzy now, trying to get to mobile developers, well you got under my skin for sure guys. But even now, when all news are raving how they redesigned and updated and what not their portals for mobile developers who use their SDK to integrate with them they still have problems. Just couple days ago when they started pushing into every possible media hole the news that they got the new SDK and blahblahblah

reserved but intrigued (can it be that FINALLY they got the SDK to a decent shape?!?) off I went to check it. For a long time I have been using the latest clone of their github repository and I decided to see whether it is different from the repository - indeed it was. Ok, I thought I should use the SDK and off I went to integrate it within my app just to see that it crashes 100% of the time with SSL error. Damn I though and went back to github's repo which not surprisingly did not have this problem.

That's not funny.... It never was. Seriously - pull your shit together! I don't need and don't want to spend 2–5 hours every few months to work around yet another problem you have introduced.