Word Wrapped Preformatted Text in DokuWiki


I had a code plugin for DokuWiki but it is not supported and thus available anymore

I am using DokuWiki quite extensively lately to keep documentation of various things. Using wiki is quite useful in general and some people opt for using local wiki such as WikiPad but for my needs, I opted for online wiki since I often times need to access it from various places. Maybe in the future I will post why I chose DokuWiki and some of my (objective) thoughts about comparison to other wikis and some of my likes and hates about DokuWiki (although there are much more “likes” than “hates” :) ). This post would be short and not about it

Several times I just wanted to put a plain (pre formatted) text into the wiki for whatever reasons but I ran into a problem that DokuWiki isn’t really ready to support this. One option is to use <code></code> but then the lines are not word wrapped and for text it looks just weird. So at those various occasions I tried to search for a solution with little success until I just took xterm plugin and modified it slightly (mostly the style CSS file) which took me about 5 minutes to do (and took me about 30 minutes to write this post, and the corresponding DokuWiki Plugin page and test the browsers) and now we have a wpre plugin for DokuWiki for word wrapped preformatted text which seem to work on all recent major browsers. You can dowload it from NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE (the page on DokuWiki references this file)

Supported browsers:

(I just tested whatever I had installed on my machine and all are pretty recent. I suspect many much older versions should be supported as well)