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This is a full suit of tools to be able to enable git hooks to interface with Trello



Installation How-To

Environment config

sudo npm install -g node-trello
sudo npm install -g colors
chmod +x .git/hooks/*

Script Config<KEY_FROM_STEP_1>&name=git-hook&expiration=never&response_type=token&scope=read,write

(replace KEY_FROM_STEP_1 with an actual key you got in STEP 1)

append .json to any URL while inside the board and look for id: "BOARD_ID",

key, token and board_id with the values obtained in steps 1-3

replace repo_link with your repo root URL

Get card IDs to show in Trello

Use this bookmarklet:

javascript:!function(){var o=$(".card-short-id");o.each(function(){$(this).text($(this).text().replace("","").replace("","").replace("N.º ", ""))});o.hasClass("hide")?o.removeClass("hide").css({"font-weight":"normal","font-size":".9em","margin-right":"5px",padding:"2.3px 6px",background:$("body").css("background-color"),"border-radius":"10px",color:"#EE433E"}):o.addClass("hide")}();

Note that due to how Trello injects newly added cards, this won’t work on newly added cards unless you refresh the page and toggle this bookmarklet again