BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010 Is Tomorrow

BlackBerry Developer conference is starting tomorrow. I have arrived to San Francisco at noon today and just had a relaxing day browsing the sity, visiting the beautiful Chinatown and the Coit Tower from where you can see pretty much the whole city. It's my second time in San Francisco, first time being here about 1.5 years ago for the Google I/O 2009 (so sorry had to miss it this year...). San Francisco is an interesting city and I like it, but it is a little dirty for my snobby Bostonian taste.

Anyhow, this is not about the city. BBDevCon 2010 is tomorrow and I am expecting it to be a turnkey for me, it was a long time of [intlink id="75" type="post"]love and hate relation[/intlink] between me and BlackBerry. The platform is not evolving (yeah yeah, BB OS 6 - whatever... this is so 3 years ago) and in the super fast paced space as mobile, standing still is actually equals to moving back as everyone is innovating with the speed of light.

I will be looking for cues as to whether RIM will be able to at least [intlink id="285" type="post"]maintain its current user base[/intlink] and improve his ways in treating smaller indie developers.

There have been rummors about BB Tablet - BlackPad, to be announced during the BB DevCon 2010. I am personally very skeptical about it, but we will see. Also - it is almost clear to everyone that RIM will announce it's advertising API availability to the public - not great news though. They have the worst performing advertising so far, and this is one of the major points for me personally, if there is no promising (I am not even wishing for bright) future on the horizon, BlackBerry will be the last platform to receive any attention on my list.